About Production

Q. It says "drawing," but is it OK to add color? Also, is it acceptable to use drawing materials or materials other than paint (pencil, conte, etc.)?

It may be painted according to the creator's conception of the drawing. If painting materials or materials other than paints are required, they may be used. (Please read the work regulations in the application guidelines) 

About Reception 

Q. Can I pay the exhibition fee by stamps? 

We are unable to do so. Payment can be made by bank transfer or online payment (credit card). 

Q. Is the fee for two items 12,000 yen? 

The fee for exhibiting one or two items is 6,000 yen. 

Q. I would like to use a pseudonym. 

You can do this. However, please write your real name in the name field so that we can contact you. 

Q. I would like to know the receipt number. 

An application acceptance form with an acceptance number will be sent together with the exhibition entry form. 

Screening Results

Q. Can I ask the jury or the secretariat why? 

None of it can be done. 

Q. When and how will the screening take place? 

We cannot answer any questions.

Carry-in, carry-out, exhibition, etc. 

Q. Do I have to wear a frame?

Framing is recommended to protect the work. If you do not have a frame, please attach hooks to the work so that it can be displayed on a flat surface. If only paper is used, tack holes will have to be drilled for wall display. 

Q. How can I specify a delivery company to return my artwork? 

Please contact the destination transportation service provider. 

Contact Information

Miyamoto Saburo Biennale Award for Original Sketch - Executive Committee (Miyamoto Saburo Museum)
5 Konmade-machi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Pref. Japan 923-0904